The term and job title psychotherapy or psychotherapist is neither restricted nor regulated in Luxembourg. This is too bad and could be potentially dangerous. Becoming a qualified psychotherapist takes a lot of work. In most countries, to become a psychotherapist, one must have studied clinical psychology or be a medical doctor. The training of actually becoming a psychotherapist usually takes place in a clinic or hospital. It is necessary for psychotherapists to have studied one type of therapy, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Psycho-Analyses. It is a large plus for a psychotherapist to have specialized in a certain type of therapy, i.e. Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy or Schema. Therefore, be prudent. Ask about qualifications and experience before beginning a psychotherapy. 

Some regulation & finical aid for adolescents 

Recently, the Office national de l'enfance (ONE), which is funded and regulated by the Ministère de la Famille et de l’Intégration, initiated a program to help children and adolescents receive psychotherapy from qualified psychologists. Since there is no regulation of psychotherapy, ONE defined and set to law the necessary qualifications to become licensed and practice psychotherapy in Luxembourg. The qualifications required by ONE lean heavily on the definitions of psychotherapy in other EU-countries. This is a fortunate turn of events in Luxembourg. Children and adolescents, respectively guardians thereof, can now apply for financial assistance for psychotherapy. In addition, Luxembourg now has a legal and binding definition of the necessary qualifications of a psychotherapist. Therefore, ask your potential therapist if he/she is registered with the Ministère de la Famille et de l’Intégration. If so, they should be able to provide their license number, for example: SECO AI/Ct 201308/90 

For more information on ONE, you can click here: Office national de l'enfance. Unfortunately, the information is only available in German and French. I will, however, be glad to answer any questions you may have and help you with the forms.  

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