These are some of the problems that can be dealt with effectively with REBT: Depression, anxiety, burnout, substance dependency, aggression, sexual disorders, relationships, self-worth, sadness, procrastination, personality disorders, stress, anger, social conflicts, bitterness/resentment, lack of skills in business and private fields, feelings of helplessness, dependency and/or excessive demands, interaction with persons with psychological disorders.


Adults and adolescents. Individuals, couples and families. Groups for REBT- seminars, workshops and lectures. 


English (native speaker) and German.


Appointments may be scheduled for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:00 until 18:00 (6:00 PM). One session is 50 minutes and begins at the top of the hour. 

Appointments may be canceled up to 24 hours in advance free of charge.

First appointment 

Your first appointment will be structured to obtain all the necessary information about your problem(s). This will allow me to diagnose, if applicable, and suggest the most appropriate form of psychotherapy. If you should need assistance that I cannot offer, I will help you find a qualified professional. 

Making an appointment

If you would like to schedule an appointment or need any further information, please contact me using the contact information provided. 

Costs & insurance

A 50 minute sessions costs 100€ for individual therapy, couples therapy, also 50 minutes, costs 120€. 

I am accredited and licensed, therefore most international and additional health insurance policies will reimburse for my therapy. In addition, I have been retained to work for several EAPs, so you may also want to ask your employer about EAP services. 

Please note, that the CNS does not at this moment reimburse for psychotherapy from anyone other than a medical Dr. i.e. psychiatrist.

If you work for an EU institution, 80% of the costs will be reimbursed. You will, however, have to have prior approval. A general practitioner can prescribe 10 sessions per year, a psychiatrist can prescribe 30 sessions at a time. If you should have questions about filing for insurance claims or prescriptions, please feel free to contact me.

Please note that the Luxembourg national health insurance, CNS, only covers psychotherapy when conducted by a medical doctor, i.e. psychiatrist. 

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